What is Coolsculpting and How Does it Work?

Body sculpting is an advanced procedure in which a medical expert, typically a surgical professional, will address particular parts of the body using techniques that allow fatty cells to be broken down. The techniques can vary from using heat and lasers, right through to freezing fat off – and the latter technique is what we will be covering in this post. The term given to this technique is Coolsculpting and it relies on advanced freezing methods to solidify and then break fatty deposits apart.

Is coolsculpting safe?

Coolsculpting in particular is considered one of the safest ways to undergo body sculpting and it’s also FDA-cleared and approved for the added reassurance of patients keen to take advantage of its features. The controlled cooling process is managed in real-time by a trained and licensed expert, allowing them to navigate parts of the body that are suffering with fat build-up.

Does coolsculpting hurt?

As ice is a natural numbing agent, there is no pain associated with the process whatsoever. It is possible to request local anaesthetic however, and as the only part of the body that will be frozen (or crystallized) will be the fatty cells under the skin and dermal layers – there’s no concern posed to other parts of the body.

Who can benefit from coolsculpting?

Anyone that is suffering with fatty deposits and cells that have collected fat. People ranging from average to obese can stand to benefit, as the controlled manner in which the freezing process is applied can be monitored to ensure that only the most prevalent regions of fat are targeted. Once crystallized, these fat cells will die – breaking down into small atoms that will be carried away by the blood and expelled of as is the case with any other types of toxin.

How soon can you expect to see results from coolsculpting?

The results of just 1 treatment can be pretty noticeable, with full results taking place after just 3 treatments. There are cases when only 1 treatment might be necessary – as is typically the case when lesser amounts of fat are present. But as the power of the Coolsculpting technology can be controlled, it can be possible to address larger volumes of fatty cells initially, followed by lesser and lesser until the entire region has been taken care of. There are also hand accessories that can be used now, allowing practitioners to reduce the time taken for each treatment even further.